Anna’s Fast – A different perspective

Anna is out again with his agitation against the government. This time he is threatening to go on indefinite fast till the ‘Jan Lokpal’ is implemented. While there is no doubt that the corruption in our country needs to be curbed, there are some serious concerns about the way in which the so called ‘Civil Society’ is holding our government to ransom. As a citizen of India I feel that by forcing their view on the Government, Anna and his team are no only setting a wrong example but also undermining the importance and role of our Parliament. I feel that there cannot be an apolitical solution to the menace of Corruption. Not all political parties are bad and not all politicians are corrupt. I still believe that there are some good leaders in our country who can take the lead to find a permanent solution to all our problems. I am not a supporter of Congress and its policies. But on this occasion I am willing to support the Government hoping that the Government will take some strong actions to curb the corruption.

There is no harm in Anna holding his Fast. But with the notorious capability of our visual media to sensationalize all such acts, there is a risk of this non violent agitation spiraling in to a violent one. If Anna can assure that no such eventualities would happen, its fine. But practically speaking, it will not be possible for him to control the masses once the agitation gains momentum.I guess this is the reason why the government is not granting permission to Anna and his team. I do not wish to have a Jasmine Revolution in my country at this moment when we are seeing the danger of a 2nd recession on the horizon. We are not in a country which is ruled by any dictator. Neither are we in a military ruled state.  We are a democratic country and should be proud of it. There are many powerful nations in the world who would love to see our government to be destabilized and our country to struggle. I hope those evil forces have not instigated Team Anna and using them to achieve their selfish motives.

I sincerely hope that the best and the most trustworthy leaders of all our political parties forget their political differences and come forward to give an assurance to the country to implement strong measures in a time bound manner to curb corruption and to punish the guilty. The voice of all groups of people should be heard and the bill should be drafted in a transparent manner addressing all concerns.

Jai Hind!!!

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