A Budget that India needs…

What we need is a budget that will –

  • Have measures to reduce the economic divide
  • Reduce the burden of taxes on lower-income group
  • Reduce the price of food items and public services
  • Promote agriculture and small scale industries
  • Have measures to unearth the black money
  • Increase the taxes on luxury items
  • Have incentives for education in public sector
  • Ensure better healthcare in the public sector
  • Revive the ailing Public Sector Industries
  • Have incentives to foster better relations with neighbours
  • Ensure control on Defense funds and their utilization
  • Promote inter state trade and cooperation
  • Encourage NRIs to invest in National Infrastructure Projects
  • More tax on air travel for shorter distances
  • Include measures to reduce corruption in all sectors
  • Welcome investments that will create more jobs
  • Introduce care facilities for senior citizens
  • Curb the inflow of black money in Real Estate
  • Channelize the money from cricket for the welfare of other Sports
  • Provide tax benefits for Corporates creating more jobs

In short – what we need is a budget which will reduce the burden on common people and ensure food security, better health care, reduce corruption and build better national infrastructure.

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