United India – United Indians

The attempt to divide India by polarizing the population on the basis of religion and caste to achieve by power is at its peak today. The rightist and communal forces are manipulating the social engineering concepts and destroying the social fabric of our country to achieve their petty political ambitions. The fact that majority of the Indian population are followers of one religion or other makes it easy for these communal manipulators to influence the respective target groups and align a good part of such population to dance to their  political tunes. India PoliticsThe methodology adopted here is quite simple- people are spiritually bonded to their religion or caste,  and the right wing political parties are cleverly associating themselves to such religious and caste groups, there by indirectly establishing their connectivity with large masses of population and ensuring their political loyalty with the least amount of effort.

The society that we live today has been communally poisoned by these perpetrators of politics of hate. The seeds of religious and caste based extremism are being planted in to the young minds by groups affiliated to these political parties, there by ensuring that their political base not only remains safe but also get extended to the generations to come. Aligning religious groups by inducing hatred and enmity in their minds towards the followers of other religions seems to be the growth mantra for these divisive elements.

To further complicate the peaceful social coexistence of diverse religious and cultural population, the right wing extremists are also associating a false sense of nationalism and nationalistic pride to justify their divisive acts based on the principe of divide and rule. Anything and everything happening in our country is given a dirty twist to further the polarisation and venomous hatred camouflaged under the cover of nationalistic or developmental agendas.

It’s a fact that these anti social communal elements have managed to cause damage to the social fabric of our country to some extent. They have been successful to grab the power through their divisive politics and unconstitutional acts with the support of like minded groups.

Red India

We have now reached a stage where the socialist and secular minds of India needs to come together with a sense of urgency to stop these power hungry hate mongers from spreading any more communal filth and causing further damage to our society. We need to stand up against these evil negative political groups and work towards establishing a safe, peaceful and harmonious society, which upholds humanity and unity in diversity, for the generations to come. The voices arising from all parts of India against the communal forces and their fascist policies shows that the true spirit of nationalism and brotherhood is still alive in the minds of  Indians, and that our country could be saved from the clutches  of these right wing pseudo national perpetrators of divisive politics.

The writing in the wall is very clear- it’s now or never….

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