“Failure is not falling down but refusing to get up”

 The other day while browsing through the internet I happen to stumble up on a Chinese quote – “Failure is not falling down but refusing to get up”.  The quote was so very powerful that it immediately took my thoughts to the occasions which I felt I had failed.

We are all humans and as humans we may have to face failures in our life . These days the number of tests that we have to face are too many that the probability of our success and failure are unpredictable on most of the occasions. I am not talking about just the academic or professional examinations. These tests can be of any form or type and can happen at any time in our day to day life.

The manner in which we tackle our failures is a definite pointer to one’s upbringing and mental maturity. It is easier for individuals to blame others for their failure. While I admit that certain uncontrollable and non-human factors such as luck do play a role in some of the failures that we face in life, it would be silly to blame any other individual for our failures. This can be easily comprehended if we realize that our own mismanagement of the situation or resources  is  one of the main reasons for most of our failures. It is honorable to take responsibility of any failure that occurs in our life. Shifting blames to others for any negative occurrence in our life gives the impression that they are in charge of our life.

It is very important that we do not give up when we fail to achieve what we aimed for. To be successful we need to analyse the situation which lead to our failure and take corrective actions to ensure that you are successful the next time. The corrective actions does not only include the additional preparations required but also the adjustments that we will have to make mentally to overcome the challenge ahead of us.

Our destiny is in our own hands and our attitude and efforts will determine how we succeed in life. There will be challenges, tests, difficulties and tough times. It is for us to utilise our creative abilities and overcome the negative forces which comes our way. Of course the best way to avoid failure is by putting in the best effort at all times. In spite of that if you happen to fail, do not refuse to get up and try again.

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